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The short answer...


First, let me say that I would love to visit your school and speak with your students. In my professional career, I've done a great deal of public speaking, facilitating and teaching, and I'm very comfortable in front of a group -- even a large one!


I've made a personal commitment in 2019 to visit as many classrooms as I can, and so I'm doing everything in my power to take away any impediments that might stand in the way of that goal. Cost and travel should not stand in the way, and I'll make every effort to ensure that.


Here are some thoughts about the kind of presentations I can do. Each presentation will be personal and interactive. My goal is to inspire your students to be readers and writers, and I'll always share parts of my own journey in a way that makes it clear that I've gone through this experience 


This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to contact me with other ideas.


Workshop One: The Secret to Every Writer: Failure

I wish it weren't so but it is. No failure, no book. Getting a book published doesn't happen unless you are okay with rejection. Or at least learn to tolerate it. 


Workshop Two: Your Next Character Will Come From Your Pocket

Okay, so not technically in your pocket, but it's a metaphor. What makes a character unique and memorable is not their eye color or hair length or even the way they crinkle their nose. It's all about what they keep in their pocket, at the bottom of their backpacks, and in their closets. I demonstrate how an old black-and-white was the inspiration for one of my favorite scenes in The Truth About Leaving, and how they can use the details around them to create memorable characters.




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